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75% Cost Reduction, Scalability: MCS Modernizes with CloudHedge on AWS

MCS faced challenges with their existing Rackspace-hosted infrastructure, including overprovisioning, high licensing costs, limited scalability, and lack of management features. Moreover, the end of support for Windows 2008 R2 required them to modernize their application for business continuity.



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Benefits Achieved

The strategic collaboration between MCS and CloudHedge yielded remarkable outcomes, delivering measurable benefits and positioning MCS for future success.

75% Reduction in TCO

By modernizing the application to AWS and implementing CloudLease for efficient instance management, MCS achieved a substantial cost reduction, optimizing their resources and budget allocation.

Enhanced Scalability and Fault-Tolerant Architecture

The migration to AWS provided MCS with a highly available and scalable infrastructure, empowering them to meet increasing demands and ensure business continuity.

Elevated Customer Experience

With the modernized application running seamlessly on AWS, MCS enhanced their customer experience by providing reliable and uninterrupted services, boosting satisfaction and loyalty.

Streamlined Modernization Effort

CloudHedge’s automated platform simplified the modernization process, reducing effort and enabling MCS to achieve their goals swiftly and efficiently.

Sustainable Future

MCS’s move to AWS and adoption of CloudHedge’s automation capabilities contribute to a sustainable future, optimizing resource utilization and minimizing environmental impact.

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