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According to Gartner, the cloud computing market is projected to reach a whopping $411bn by 2020. While jumping on the highly anticipated cloud bandwagon, focus should be on “applications” and not infrastructure. CloudHedge enables enterprises and startups to modernize their existing legacy applications by re-factoring.  Moreover, CloudHedge helps to reduce time to market, increase efficiency, and ensure a risk-free environment by automating app refactoring process, which is people dependent at the moment.

Transform Your App in 5 Easy Steps

  1. Access CloudHedge and connect your host application
  2. Enable the auto-discovery process to identify all the running processes
  3. Start containerizing the application processes using the Transform module
  4. Regroup containers into an application blueprint
  5. Deploy the blueprint to the choice of your cloud (AWS, GCP, Azure, OpenShift, IBM) using the Cruize Module and monitor it efficiently.

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