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Accelerated App Containerization using AWS Container Services

Accelerated App Containerization using AWS Container Services

App containerization has picked up momentum in recent years as it helps to save costs, time and resources. Resource vendors are available to assist in containerization of one or two apps, but most vendors struggle to execute a large number of app containerization projects with the same skill level and outcomes. As a matter of fact, it’s a manual approach in certain scenarios with a lot of dependencies which is not only time and cost consuming but also prone to errors and miscalculations. And this is where CloudHedge’s patented and automated app containerization tools like Discover, Transform and Cruize save the day. 

Automated Containerization enables the enterprise to:

  • Perform App discovery for assessment within minutes. 
  • Gather interdependencies and behavior of app processes. 
  • Perform automated containerization or transformation of the app within hours. 
  • Aggregation of container images (Blueprint creation).
  • Seamlessly deploy containers to AWS ECS, EKS, Fargate within minutes.

The entire containerization process – right from discovery to transform and deploy has been automated which reduces costs, time and resources significantly.

Using CloudHedge’s automated app containerization tools – Discover, Transform and Cruize enterprises have great advantages because now they can skip the ‘Lift and Shift’ based migrations which were one of the preferred ways of getting your app on AWS. CloudHedge’s automated containerization tools enable a seamless transition to AWS cloud and containers such that your AWS and modernization investments give you returns.

Sameer Karmarkar – Co-Founder and CTO at CloudHedge Technologies would be speaking on ‘Automated App Containerization using AWS Container Services (ECS, EKS, Fargate)’ at the upcoming AWS User Group Event in Pune.

In this speaker session, Sameer would touch base on how to containerize and deploy your age-old application to AWS effortlessly. You can schedule a meeting at the event by emailing us at and explore new opportunities in the automated containerization space. 

To know more about the event, please visit – 

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