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Accelerating App Modernization to AWS within Days using CloudHedge

Accelerating App Modernization to AWS within Days using CloudHedge

Business Applications as we know

Applications are the backbone of any digital business! They allow organizations to deliver exceptional customer experiences, innovate at supersonic speeds, and harness the true power of breakthrough technology. However, to truly extract the advantages of any business applications, organizations need to ensure that their applications are agile, flexible, cost-efficient, scalable, support continuous delivery, etc. basically – the applications need to be cloud-ready. One of the prime reasons being, legacy applications have limitations and they cannot perform, run or scale-like a cloud-native would do. And with Amazon Web Services (AWS) being the definitive choice to save tons on resources and boost agility, flexibility, etc. let’s learn how to accelerate your cloud journey to AWS.

How does App Modernization work?

Where is your current application, is it on-premise or in the cloud? App Modernization should work or modernize in both the scenarios that too in the most simplified manner. Here are a few questions that should be answered before going ahead with application modernization:

  • Where do you begin with modernization, what are the first steps that need to be taken to complete a successful modernization?
  • Which applications can be modernized? Can you modernize even if they are deployed on the cloud? 
  • What skill sets are required to execute large-scale modernization?
  • How do you discover the application? What all artifacts are discovered? 
  • Can you ensure the modernization process is secured and there would not be any sort of attacks or exposure of vulnerabilities? 
  • Can you automate the modernization process to save time and resources? 
  • What about cost savings? How expensive can it get if there are multiple applications involved or due for modernization? 
  • Why not just Lift and Shift the Application?
  • Are there any options for customization?

CloudHedge’s App Modernization platform enables enterprises to unlock and answer the above questions. The modernization process is completely automated and secured to ensure the transformation is done for apps residing in an on-premises or cloud environment. In addition, the platform covers a plethora of applications ranging from Windows, AIX, and Linux. Here, have a look at:

CloudHedge - App Modernization Platform Landscape

Moreover, the platform promotes simplification with an easy drag and drop functionality with the capabilities to modernize hundreds of applications within days instead of months. 

CloudHedge’s App Modernization Platform

A sophisticated platform with complete automation must be expensive? This is the question we are often bumped in most of the demo meetings. Well, we have put 20+ years of cumulative effort into developing such a competitive product! To see the platform in action, here is a case study of a Leading European Vehicle Manufacturer who wanted to modernize its applications to AWS. CH to AWS

In the above diagram, CloudHedge’s App Modernization platform consists of 3 tools, they are as follows:

  • Discover – Use this tool to assess your application. Using Application X-Ray, CloudHedge’s Discover scans your applications and extracts finer details about your infrastructure and app processes. Chart a roadmap and make the journey predictable right from day one.
  • Transform – The Transform module containerizes applications in an automated manner, post the discovery phase. Applications are containerized and ready to be deployed on AWS.
  • Cruize – Containers are lightweight and portable, the automated Cruize module helps in seamless multiple container deployments as part of one or more application blueprints.

CloudHedge has partnered with AWS and has a dedicated team of Solution Architects and Support Engineers to assist in your modernization journey, we have a simplified license and a credits program for a cost-efficient transformation. Application Modernization improves efficiency, reduces complexity, and lowers the total cost of ownership by a considerable margin. 

To get started, you can email us at with your specific app modernization requirements and our team would be happy to assist you. 

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