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Agility Unleashed: Containerization Revolutionizes Indian Bank with 80% Time Reduction, 45% Infra Cost Savings

The client’s existing IIS ASP .Net Monolith web application hosted on Windows 2012 Server posed scalability and maintenance issues. The complex architecture, along with the need to adhere to strict security regulations, led the bank to explore a modernization solution. Downtime, high costs, and security compliance were key challenges that required immediate attention.


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Benefits Achieved

The strategic collaboration between CloudHedge and the bank resulted in significant advantages

Automation-driven Efficiency

The automated containerization process eliminated the need for highly skilled administrators and supervision, optimizing resource utilization and reducing operational costs.

Zero Downtime and Maintenance

Managed Kubernetes services ensured zero downtime during platform upgrades and patching, enhancing the bank’s operational continuity and customer experience.

80% Time Reduction

CloudHedge’s rapid containerization approach enabled the bank to modernize and deploy the application in just a week, a remarkable 80% reduction compared to traditional methods.

45% Infrastructure Cost Savings

By distributing services on containers instead of increasing the number of virtual machines, the bank achieved a substantial 45% reduction in infrastructure costs, enhancing their cost-effectiveness.

Agile Environment Provisioning

Containers spin up new environments in minutes, enhancing the bank’s agility and accelerating their response to market demands.

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