An Introduction to Migrating Applications from Legacy to Cloud

An Introduction to Migrating Applications from Legacy to Cloud

Lately, most organizations are finding it difficult to continue with their legacy architecture, especially when they are CapEx based. The worry is not only around rising costs but the fact that these applications are not scalable and are a complete disaster to manage. Moreover, legacy applications hamper the performance of the offering which is a critical reason for an enterprise to shift to the cloud. It’s a sorry state for CTOs to be in a huge dilemma whether to continue with legacy or migrate to cloud. Here are few statistics which tell a promising story of migrating to cloud:

Cloud Migration benefits

Migrating to the cloud has its own benefits, CTOs and CIOs can be stress-free as:Cloud Migration benefits

Moving on, so what are the next steps that need to be taken to reap the benefits given above? Cloud migration cuts the mustard and is the answer to all the questions; and this is exactly where CloudHedge comes in the picture.

Bringing in CloudHedge – CloudHedge ensures a huge dip in your resources by automating the entire migration process of your complex legacy applications to cloud. From a statistical point of view, CloudHedge manages to save migration cost by 30% or more. In addition, if the application is cloud-ready and does not require application refactoring, savings can go north of 40% as well. As a matter of fact, based on the complexity of the application, CloudHedge can set up the entire infrastructure as a code in a few hours’ time.

CloudHedge automates the assessment and analysis of the applications and servers; it further recommends a work-load based approach for migrating to the cloud. Options recommended rehost, replatform, and refactor. By using CloudHedge automation tools, the time taken for refactoring application services into containers is reduced to days instead of weeks or months. Training the resources on cloud technologies and processes (DevOps and CI/CD pipeline, etc.) further adds to the operating budget of the enterprise. CloudHedge manages to completely eradicate such cost by completely automating the migrating process.

Need of a Cloud Platform? CloudHedge further understands your requirements and provides cloud consulting as well. Armed with its team of certified solution architects, CloudHedge proposes the right cloud for your setup – be it AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform. With a core experienced team of cloud professionals, CloudHedge can further bottle down to advising which cloud platform will save cost, provide high-end scalability, fail-proof architecture, and prioritize security.

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