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App Journey to be Cloud Native – Automated!

App Journey to be Cloud Native – Automated!

Yes, you read it right! The journey of existing apps on-prem to cloud-native has been automated with the use of Allow me to share different steps taken for automation and which scenarios are a better fit.

If you have 100s and 1000s of applications and are looking to assess them for cloud readiness, it can be overwhelming! The mix of applications, the infra, the network, and the geographic spread does make the effort of assessment overwhelming. Larger the enterprise, bigger the problem in carrying out any exercise of modernization.

Did anyone say Containers?

There are tools that assess the sprawl of assets, however, one needs information down to which process of an application behaves and interacts with others. Enterprise also needs recommendation per application on which approach to take for modernization (e.g. Rehost, Refactor, Retire, Re-Platform, etc). Recommendations are great input for faster approvals from management (we all know that takes a long time). During the approval phase it may happen, somebody at the top would have heard about containers and the cool things it brings for the enterprise. Build vs buy is another discussion, which happens while application rationalization. There are so many complexities!

Is there an automation tool which can be deployed on-prem (even within an air gaped environment) or a SaaS which can:



Enter CloudHedge

Answer to the above question is – CloudHedge’s Discover, Transform, and Cruize. Which solves specific problems across the process of modernization. It’s a tool for Dev and Ops guys, simplifies their job significantly. One single pane enables them to assess, recommend, and transform multiple apps, and deploy and monitor across multiple clouds within days.

If you are spending time and energy in rehosting (aka lift and shift) apps and not accruing true benefits of cloud, take a look at tools from CloudHedge. These patented tools enable you to refactor apps, at process level, and make them cloud-native to accrue value of cloud and reduce cloud bills immediately.

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