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Automated App Modernization from AIX to Linux in Days

Automated App Modernization from AIX to Linux in Days

When we talk about going Cloud-Native we often think about Microservices as well, probably because that’s where the actual innovation, time, cost-saving, and better utilization of resources happen. And CloudHedge is keenly focused on helping enterprises to bring the benefits of containers to traditional legacy business applications that are run on a widely used operating system: AIX!

CloudHedge App Modernization Platform

CloudHedge is the only automated platform in the world to modernize AIX (WebSphere) workloads. The main difference between competitors (If any) in the modernization ecosystem is automation and a whole lot of transformation factors. Using CloudHedge’s App Modernization Platform, enterprises can discover, modernize their AIX (WebSphere) workloads and re-platform them to run as Linux-based containers, all within days. In addition, these containers can be deployed and operated seamlessly in a variety of cloud or Kubernetes environments, ensuring to extract the maximum potential of cloud and containers thereby reducing the cost of maintenance and operation month over month. Yes, CloudHedge critically reduces modernization time to days instead of months further pacing ahead of the competition.

CloudHedge helps enterprises to modernize their AIX (WebSphere) workloads when:

  • Cost of maintenance is high and overshooting monthly budgets.
  • Absence or poor availability of skilled administrators managing AIX servers reaching downtime.
  • Unsupported modern enterprise software that has aged over time.
  • Urgent need to reduce alarming infrastructure/operating costs!
  • Efficiently manage applications and extract maximum potential.
  • Autoscale application workloads as and when required without relying on VMs!

Where to start?

We have a specific AIX workload modernization program that provides an end-to-end modernization roadmap for your business applications on AIX. CloudHedge focuses on these workloads critically and we equip enterprises with an in-depth and highly actionable CXO or Recommendations report which charts out the next steps in your modernization journey. You can even email us at with your specific AIX (WebSphere) workload modernization requirements and our team would be happy to assist you.

Our Solutions

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