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App Modernization of WebSphere Applications on Linux to WebSphere Liberty Containers

App Modernization of WebSphere Applications on Linux to WebSphere Liberty Containers

App Modernization is the Future

App Modernization is the way forward, especially when you have hundreds of enterprise WebSphere applications nesting on AIX. These applications are age-old, heavy, and expensive to manage and modernize. This causes a huge roadblock especially when your business is growing and your apps need to be scalable, cost-efficient to run and should be highly available. CloudHedge removes the major barrier to AIX WebSphere containerization using the Automated Application Modernization Platform. Let me break it down which will be easier to understand what exactly the platform does.

The Journey

  • The automated Application Modernization Platform transforms a WebSphere ND on Linux Apps to a WebSphere Liberty container effortlessly. The platform seamlessly supports this functionality and ensures apps are transformed within days instead of weeks or months.
  • CloudHedge also supports automated detection and transformation of configuration like LDAP, Data Sources, Certificates, and Messaging Queues into Liberty Configuration (Server.XML). Considering this is an automated process instead of a manual one, the time taken for modernization is further less.
  • This new process is completely non-intrusive and easy to execute. In addition, it does not require X-Ray Probe and restarting of WebSphere processes) which ensures mission-critical apps to be containerized without shutting them down.
  • If multiple applications (EAR/WAR) are running on a single JVM, CloudHedge can now detect and containerize each application into a Liberty container within minutes.

To know how CloudHedge has implemented this feature in its Automated App Modernization Platform, simply fill-up the form and gain access to this technical walkthrough of the modernization process.

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