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App RePlatforming from Windows to Linux using CloudHedge

App RePlatforming from Windows to Linux using CloudHedge

Are you fed up with constant system upgrades, virus attacks, and the cost burden of Windows licenses? Wouldn’t it be better if the platform had endless support? Then re-platforming the application from Windows to Linux is the better option because the operating system matters while doing the application development.

Reasons to Replatform 

  • Most of the enterprise apps have a problem with Microsoft Windows older versions like Windows 2008 or previous ones, they do not receive the tech support in recent times. You have to upgrade to windows 10 then it obvious the application may face some issues as there is an upgrade of the version.
  • Pending system updates
  • Unending license costs
  • Security  

Benefits of Replatforming apps to Linux over Windows:

  • The Windows operating system is popular but we have to be careful while creating our application. Sometimes your application performance is dependent on your server operating system.
  • Windows has its own features but Linux gives more flexibility with no installation setup no license because Linux is open source so you just need to choose the distribution version of Linux.
  • As Linux is open source, it gives the flexibility to change or update the software function just by changing the configuration file.
  • By selecting the Linux platform it saves a considerable amount on licensing costs. 
  • In Linux, no need to upgrade your system regularly.
  • For web development, Linux is always preferable, and easy to configure the Nginx or Apache

Enter CloudHedge’s Automated App Modernization Platform

App Replatforming is a complex process and CloudHedge helps customers to automate the modernization from Windows to Linux within days. CloudHedge’s automated App Modernization Platform consists of 3 tools:

Discover – The Discover tool shows all the necessary information about the machine and running processes and CRON jobs. The tool will also highlight all the data of their processes with file stats and networking. CloudHedge Discover will also showcase the list of processes that can be containerized. 

Transform – Transform gives the flexibility to containerize the application processes. You can containerize the single or the combination of processes like (Nginx and PHP). Transform analysis and create the Docker file of the process with all the necessary data needed to start your application, all within days.

Cruize – Cruize will help you to deploy your containers on the cloud (AWS, GCP, Azure, IBM, OpenShift, etc.) or in your own on-premise setup. Using the tool, simply drag and drop the Docker image of the application, add some environment variables if there are any and some network info and your application is ready to be deployed.

Planning to re-platform applications, reach out to us by emailing at and accelerate your app modernization process. 

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