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Application Migration and Managed Services for a Leading Southeast Asian Exchange

Application Migration and Managed Services for a Leading Southeast Asian Exchange

About the Client

Considered and acclaimed as one of Asia’s top multi-asset exchanges trading on billions of stocks on a regular basis. The client is a member of the World Federation of Exchanges and the Asian and Oceanian Stock Exchanges Federation as well.

The client has plans of expanding its IT capabilities by moving their mission-critical applications to another applicable technology which can pace and support demanding situations.

The Business Challenge

Clients applications were built on PureApp and scheduled for the end of support. Considering the number of multi-billion transactions happening on an everyday basis, it was imperative for them to shift to a technology which is portable, scalable, flexible, operationally less costly. In addition, users were demanding more features and quick fixes which were taking time to develop and release. The client also stated that the solution should incorporate alerting capabilities, preferably one that can integrate with the BMC suite. CloudHedge with its expertise in automated containerization suggested migration of old Java applications to Docker Containers which would reduce resource costs (hardware and data center) since containers are lightweight. In addition, CloudHedge will also provide managed services to support the smooth functioning of trading applications of the stock exchange.

How CloudHedge Helped?

The technical implementation challenges were obvious to CloudHedge, but we had also anticipated the challenges we were going to face from the operational and technical debt perspective. As a first step, CloudHedge assessed IBM Cloud Platform as the closest cloud provider which could match our client’s requirements. Following steps were taken to complete the migration and deployment of containers on IBM Cloud Platform:

  • CloudHedge migrated its legacy application to IBM Cloud Platform and containerized their first mission-critical application.
  • As a part of Managed Service offering, the complete stack has ongoing support (since the technology is new) and maintenance (24×7) with specific SLAs.
  • ICP platform is configured, managed and monitored using proprietary tools with proactive actions.
  • CloudHedge ensured to provide the given container platform with SLAs for 99.9999% uptime.


  • Retain Control:- Being a financial enterprise protecting proprietary systems, data, and IT environment is of utmost importance. Private cloud like IBM Cloud Platform ensured them with that benefit.
  • Workload Scalability:- Containers on private cloud addresses heavy scalability and processing demands.
  • Regulatory Compliance:- Heavily regulated by the government, using private cloud enables them to maintain desired service levels.
  • Longevity:- DevOps and container technology is going to evolve and scale over the next 5 years and sustain for another 10 years.
  • Cost-Effective:- Containerization of applications ensured a dip in operating costs and extracted the maximum potential of IBM Cloud features.

Our Solutions

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