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Application Portfolio Rationalization

Modernization is Inevitable!

That’s correct, modernization of apps is inevitable and the sooner you adapt the better it gets. Application rationalization is the radical reshuffling of an application portfolio as a strategic initiative for improving business effectiveness, and to refine and increase operational efficiency. In order to achieve such benefits, enterprises need to upgrade/change their applications in a secured and cost-effective manner without affecting the time and cost of its current IT environment.

70% of CIOs believe that at least one-fifth of their applications could be consolidated by eliminating redundant functionality.

Application portfolio rationalization improves efficiency, reduces complexity and lowers the total cost of ownership by a considerable margin. CloudHedge suggests application portfolio rationalization for enterprises when:

  • Modernizing aging and mission-critical or high-value applications
  • Eliminating redundant applications
  • Retiring aging and low-value applications
  • Consolidating the current app line up – logically, physically or both
  • Standardizing on common technology platform and version

With a successful application portfolio rationalization through CloudHedge, enterprises can achieve:App Portfolio Rationalization

Using Application X-Ray, CloudHedge can automatically discover applications within minutes instead of days or weeks. For making full use of application portfolio rationalization, CloudHedge’s automated Discover tool can scan hundreds of applications for enterprises, be it Windows or Linux apps, even if they are dating back to Windows Server 2003. After a quick test, the Discover tools generate an App Discovery (Recommendation) report which suggests whether you should Retain, Retire, Rehost or Refactor your application.

CloudHedge’s Automated App Discovery Tool performs the following:

  • Automatically captures Metadata of your applications and infrastructure.
  • Assess Windows and Linux applications.
  • Analyzes the risks and dependencies involved before the modernization of apps to cloud.
  • Get access to actionable insights and make migration predictable and efficient.

The application modernization services market size is expected to grow from $ 6.87 Billion in 2017 to $ 16.67 Billion by 2022.

CloudHedge helps in automated discovery of your mission-critical apps, which is an important step in application portfolio rationalization. Our patented product has been trusted by one of the five leading Oil & Gas majors along with a leading southeast Asian stock exchange, CloudHedge won’t only help you to assess your apps but also save your critical time and resources during your app modernization journey. Contact us today and start your Application Portfolio Rationalization!

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