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Automate Containerization of Apps to OpenShift using CloudHedge’s App Modernization Platform

Automate Containerization of Apps to OpenShift using CloudHedge’s App Modernization Platform

IBM Cloud Paks – Certified

Firstly, super excited to share that CloudHedge has successfully completed the IBM Cloud Paks certification, IBM has some stringent requirements for achieving this certification which includes having an Operator certified product listed on Red Hat Marketplace.

CloudHedge IBM CloudPak

CloudHedge’s intelligent App Modernization Platform enables enterprise customers to transform their legacy workloads to OpenShift container platform efficiently and effortlessly.  And now with a certified status in IBM Cloud Pak for Application, CloudHedge complements respective capabilities further driving immense value to our enterprise customers.

How can IBM and CloudHedge help Enterprises?

IBM Cloud Pak for Applications is a new enterprise-ready, simplified containerized software solution used for rapid modernization of existing legacy applications to be cloud-native and micro-services ready. And with CloudHedge in the scenario, expect the transformation journey to rocket at supersonic speeds as we infuse our patented and automated technology for containerization, further extracting maximum potential of cloud and containers right from day one. These containerized apps run smoothly on Red Hat OpenShift, further reducing time and efforts.

CloudHedge complements IBM Cloud Pak for Applications to bring dynamic runtime analysis for application modernization and containerization.”

How does CloudHedge enable Edge Computing? 

With the Internet of things (IoT) and the advent of 5G technology, Edge computing is accelerating and taking a center stage across industries. CloudHedge’s App Modernization platform also enables legacy Windows workloads to be containerized and mobilized to devices at the Edge. Further, the IBM Edge Application Manager solution automates and enables AI, analytics and IoT workloads to be securely deployed and remotely managed, delivering real-time analysis and insight at scale – up to 10,000 devices simultaneously. 

“CloudHedge’s unique technology coupled with IBM Edge Application Manager ensures that our customers realize maximum value from their investments in enterprise applications while transitioning to the Edge.”

Get started with your app modernization journey, email us at hello@cloudhedge and accelerate today. In addition, we are at IBM Think 2021 this year, read more about our showcase page – CloudHedge App Modernization Platform.

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