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Automate the Remaining 70% to Cloud

Automate the Remaining 70% to Cloud

Today, around 20% of total applications in a large to medium size enterprise are cloud-native. Assuming 10% cannot be moved to Cloud, there are roughly 70% apps still sitting in a Data Center. CIOs are mandating these 70% apps to be moved to cloud.

Application migration to the cloud is either manual or automated. Manual takes time and effort to make changes to the code and deploying them on cloud (after testing it inside out). In the entire process, if one wants to add DevOps, that demands extra time, effort, and tools.

While migrating an app there are typically four steps: Discover the app, Transform it, Deploy, and Monitor the app. Of course there is a short-cut, Lift and Shift (a.k.a. Rehost), however, true benefits of the cloud are not being leveraged.

Automation can be achieved leveraging tools across the four steps mentioned above. There are about 15+ products which can enable discovery. There are about 40+ products which can enable deployment and monitoring of applications on cloud. Alternatively, you can leverage which automates the entire process of application migration to a public or private cloud.

While CloudHedge offers Rehost as a feature, the value addition is Refactoring of applications without touching a line of code. Service level refactoring and not code level refactoring. For feature addition and release, a CI/CD process need to be setup. This will ensure the developers are empowered and the updates and feature releases are quicker.

Side note: The 40+ products (e.g. Rancher, Platform9, OpenShift, Pivotal, IBM Cloud Private, etc.) need to go after the 70% market by leveraging Discover and Transform feature of CloudHedge.

To containerize applications using an automated tool where each application service can be identified and containerized, CloudHedge is the tool! It will help move those 70% applications from data center to cloud, faster!

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