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Automated App Modernization: The Smarter Cloud Migration Approach

Automated App Modernization: The Smarter Cloud Migration Approach

Thinking of migrating applications to cloud through a lift and shift approach? It could be a time to rethink your plan and take control of your migration journey, in a secure way.

According to Markets and Markets, the global application modernization services market size is expected to grow from USD 11.4 billion in 2020 to USD 24.8 billion by 2025, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 16.8% during the forecast period.

And the numbers are not stopping there! Out of this $24.8 billion, the chances of migrating mission-critical enterprise applications in a secured manner are bleak, almost close to none. 

Any enterprise planning to move its business applications to cloud would like to execute seamless migration strategies and attain a swift and accelerated entry to various cloud environments. And this is only possible through containerizing the application in a secured manner which is a step ahead of the usual cloud migration (Lift and Shift) approach. 

Why should Enterprises go for Secured App Modernization?

Enterprises can have thousands of legacy applications still in everyday use which have a heavy dependency. And in these thousands of applications – Security and Regulatory implications are a priority and need to be considered before migrating to the cloud. That’s why enterprises need to think beyond the Lift and Shift approach and extract maximum possibilities cloud has to offer. And, containerization of legacy applications is the way forward, a much predictable and resource-efficient approach. Enterprises have an edge by mitigating risks involved during the containerization of applications using CloudHedge and Polyverse. 

CloudHedge’s intelligent App Modernization platform accelerates the transformation of legacy enterprise applications to containerized cloud-native and enables quick and easy deployment to public clouds like – AWS, Azure, IBM, or GCP within hours. With the addition of Polyverse’s Polymorphing for Linux solution during the transformation step, the security posture of the application during containerization significantly improves. 

Why Container Security Matters? 

Securing containers is a challenge as they are not meant to be modified in storage or transit, an essential step during containerization which no one talks about. Every time a vulnerability is announced containers have to be rebuilt from scratch, expect a huge load on your modernization team executing this task. This adds to software release cycles and prevents you from taking full advantage of the inherent power and flexibility of containers and Kubernetes. With Polymorphing and CloudHedge you can build and distribute unique images for your clusters. Patched or unpatched, these highly secured scrambled images prevent attacks on memory-based exploits, which make up 70% of the successful attacks. 

How CloudHedge helps Enterprises with Automated Containerization?

CloudHedge’s App Modernization platform enables enterprises to take their Windows/AIX (WebSphere) workloads and replatform them to run as Linux-based containers in 70% of the time as compared to a manual approach, which again. Enterprises can then choose to run and operate these Polyverse secured workloads in a variety of cloud environments or Kubernetes, all within days instead of months. Using CloudHedge and Polyverse, enterprises now have the capability to extract the true potential of cloud and containers, and further reduce security-related operating and maintenance costs by 60% or more. 

Next Steps

CloudHedge’s App Modernization Platform is available in two variants — A SaaS version and an Enterprise version, which is deployed in an air-gapped environment. To get started, drop us an email at with your requirements and accelerate your journey to the cloud. 

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