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Automated Containerization

Containers are Everywhere!

Yes, that’s true! And the sole reason for containers to be present everywhere is because of the value additions they bring for the operational efficiency of your apps. Containerization is relatively a new technology, however, there have been significant efforts taken to containerize, orchestrate, secure, monitor and manage containers. 

According to 451 Research, Containers will be a $2.7Bn market having a CAGR of 40% by the end of 2020.

CloudHedge is your trusted partner in providing automated containerization solutions, however, before you begin your transformation journey here is a quick list of questions which the CloudHedge tools will help you answer:

Automated Containerization

CloudHedge transforms application processes into lean containers through its automated containerization tools which include: Discover™, Transform™ and Cruize™. These patented tools can be leveraged in a sequence to successfully automate modernization of your apps either in cloud or on your on-premise setup. CloudHedge packs in a set of features to containerize and drive efficiency from your apps without touching the source code.

Containers are lightweight and portable, and our automated containerization tools perform seamless multiple container deployments as part of one or more application blueprints within minutes.

Planning to containerize yet? Following are the benefits:

Automated Containerization 1Need we say more? Here is a quick snapshot of why should you consider CloudHedge for your containerization needs:

Automated Containerization

To know how CloudHedge executed Automated Containerization for an enterprise in real, here is an interesting case study of a leading educational institute – Link. Or take the first step in your automated app containerization journey by filling the form and get started! 

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