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BFSI Breakthrough: Slashed IT Costs, Zero Downtime Upgrades with CloudHedge

Our client, a BFSI enterprise, was spending a significant portion of their IT budget on operating and maintaining a legacy application. The need was to reduce these costs by transitioning the application to containers. While a “lift and shift” approach seemed viable, it presented challenges, including a steep learning curve and time-consuming proof of concept phases.


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Benefits Achieved

Faster Upgrades and New Features

The client could now upgrade or add new features to the application within days rather than months.

Cost Savings

Transitioning to the cloud and the use of containers reduced the costs of maintaining older infrastructure.

Enhanced Availability and Scalability

The application now supported no-downtime upgrades, high availability (HA), and horizontal scaling within minutes.

Hybrid Cloud Portability

The refactoring and containerization of the application enabled it to be deployed flexibly across hybrid cloud environments.

Our Solutions

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