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Rapid Application Modernization with CloudHedge and ST Engineering

Cloud computing emerges as the essential technology to empower many organizations and people to do more business online and scale faster, communicate and collaborate in real-time virtually, reach out to customers globally, and respond quickly to changing demands. Modernizing legacy applications to cloud-natives is the way forward. Lately, enterprises are pacing towards containerization or app modernization instead of Lift & Shift for extracting the full potential that cloud has to offer.

Changing business environments and use cases demand new functionalities with a lower OpEx to aid business processes efficiently. Moreover, businesses are fine-tuning their applications and processes to cater to the ever-changing and dynamic customer needs, growing technological advancements, and increasing competition.

Yes to cloud, but how?

There exist many complexities when shifting to the cloud, amongst which, applications are the tricky components to move over. But this should not hinder the move to the cloud and it can be addressed with a comprehensive application modernization framework. CloudHedge and ST Engineering have the capabilities and technologies to be embedded to make modernizing and shifting of applications in these easy steps:

  • Assess and Plan
  • Modernize
  • Deploy and Optimize

CloudHedge works with enterprises/organizations across diverse verticals and helps them to modernize their age-old applications. This whitepaper highlights our expertise and insights on how to predict and streamline application modernization for an enterprise/organization from an on-premise infrastructure to cloud, be it Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Microsoft Azure, IBM, or even on their private cloud.

Download the joint solution whitepaper and accelerate your journey to cloud with CloudHedge and ST Engineering.

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