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Cloud Unleashed: Supercharging Oil & Gas Company Efficiency, Slashing Costs

Client sought to transition from on-premise installations to offering their product as a service, aiming to gain more control and streamline maintenance and support. After facing 18 months of unsuccessful migration efforts, they approached CloudHedge for assistance. Limited in- house cloud expertise and a need for cloud automation and operations training further complicated the challenge.


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Benefits Achieved

CloudHedge designed and implemented a solution using the OmniDeq platform, combining it
with the capabilities of AWS EKS Blueprints. The solution provided the following benefits:

Simplified Deployment

Easy and fast deployment without the need for highly skilled

Granular Access Control

Thorough access level granularity for enhanced security
and compliance, including SOC2 compliance with action tracking function.

Streamlined Operations

Automated issue reporting, assignment, and monitoring
setups, reducing manual efforts and improving efficiency.

Improved Visibility and Access

Easy UI access to logs and centralized log
management, eliminating repetitive logins to multiple systems.

Cost Reduction

Cloud automation resulted in a significant reduction in costs.

Quantified ROI

The cloud transformation initiative achieved a 50% reduction in
operational costs, enabling the client to allocate resources more efficiently and invest
in strategic growth.

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