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CloudHedge at AWS re:Invent 2018

CloudHedge at AWS re:Invent 2018

AWS re:Invent 2018, one of the biggest cloud events of the year is less than a week away and we are all super excited to attend it. In its 7th edition this year, around 40,000+ attendees are expected in Las Vegas to attend dozens of keynotes, sessions, and workshops. With every passing year, AWS has come up with new technology and concepts that have modernized the grounds of the cloud ecosystem. Enterprises consider AWS as their preferred cloud platform, as a matter of fact, according to Statistica, in 2018 – 80% of enterprises are running their apps on AWS.

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Public Cloud Platform Usage Worldwide for 2018 – Statistica 

The challenges faced by enterprises while migrating to cloud mostly evolve around – it is a time-consuming process and a costly affair to manage in the long run. Another problem that lurks in the corner – what worked seamlessly in the on-premise setup might not work in a similar manner once on the cloud. True, these problems do exist and at times hamper migration plans from on-premise to cloud.

Application migration to the cloud is either a manual or an automated process, we recommend the latter. An automated cloud migration process is split into 4 steps, DiscoverTransform Deploy, and Monitor. The challenges that we talked about previously are all addressed in these 4 steps. A short-cut like Lift & Shift/rehost may work wonders in the initial stages but may fail to meet your expectations about cloud in the long run. Instead, refactoring and containerizing applications in an automated manner will save 30% of your cloud migration time and costs. In many cases, if application refactoring is not required and the app is cloud-ready, savings can go north of 40% as well.

After deploying the application on AWS within hours instead of days, monitoring the infrastructure would be your next step to reduce OpEx. Intelligent dashboards backed by AI are enough to take necessary actions and monitor your cloud environment to optimum usage. This is where additional savings come in the picture as most of the enterprises/startups ignore monitoring once they have migrated to cloud. The current scenario positions cloud as an expensive shift, however, with the right approach and setup businesses can truly reap all the advantages that cloud promises to offer.

Meet us at AWS re:Invent to explore how CloudHedge’s automated cloud migration approach helps in accelerating your journey to cloud. At the event, we can discuss how (rehost or refactor) from on-premise to AWS can be done via CloudHedge’s Discover and Transform module along with deployment and monitoring cloud infrastructure through Cruize. We have a free POC offer for AWS re:Invent attendees, if your app requires migration to AWS in 1/3 of the time schedule a meeting today.  

See you in Vegas!


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