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CloudHedge Drives 60% Cost Savings, Lightning-Fast Delivery for Indonesian Bank

The bank faced significant challenges with their legacy applications, including an IIS ASP .Net monolith web application and a Linux-based PHP E-Office web application. These applications supported billions of dollars in transactions and had complex static IP hardcoding and process dependencies. The bank sought to containerize these applications to improve performance, scalability, and operational efficiency, while adhering to regulatory frameworks and minimizing costs.


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Benefits Achieved

The collaboration between the bank and CloudHedge yielded significant benefits, driving transformation, efficiency, and sustainability

80% Faster Project Delivery

CloudHedge enabled the bank to complete the containerization and deployment of both Windows and Linux applications within a week, compared to traditional estimates of several months. This 80% reduction in project delivery timeline accelerated time-to-market and enhanced agility.

60% Cost Savings

By leveraging automation and eliminating the need for highly skilled administrators, CloudHedge reduced operational costs by 60%. The bank achieved a cost-effective solution that maximized return on investment.

Zero Downtime and Maintenance Costs

Managed Kubernetes services ensured zero downtime and minimized maintenance costs for platform upgrades and patching. The bank benefited from a stable and resilient infrastructure.

Seamless Scalability and Availability

Containerization enabled the bank to effortlessly scale their applications to meet growing demand, ensuring availability and superior user experience.

Sustainability Focus

By embracing containerization and reducing reliance on legacy infrastructure, the bank minimized their environmental footprint and promoted resource efficiency, aligning with sustainable business practices.

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