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Containerization Revolution: 3x ROI and Turbocharged Growth for ML Startup

The client faced challenges in extending their sales cycles due to the difficulty and delay in setting up proof-of-concept (PoC) evaluations at customer data centers. The traditional installation process required dedicated time and key personnel, hindering the efficient demonstration of the software’s value and impeding sales momentum.


Industry: Higher Education

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Benefits Achieved

The strategic collaboration between the machine learning startup and CloudHedge delivered substantial benefits, enhancing sales efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Streamlined PoC Setup

The client’s development team no longer needed to spend dedicated time guiding customers through the PoC setup process. The Docker-based product setups enabled faster and more streamlined PoCs, eliminating the dependency on key personnel and reducing delays.

Accelerated Sales Cycles

With the simplified deployment process, the startup could conduct more PoCs within shorter timeframes. This reduction in sales cycle bottlenecks allowed for quicker demonstrations of the software’s value, expediting the decision-making process and driving sales efficiency.

Improved Customer Experience

Customers and prospects experienced smoother and more efficient evaluations of the machine learning software. The elimination of setup steps and logistical roadblocks increased customer satisfaction and engagement, fostering stronger relationships.

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