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Containerization Turbocharges Chitale Dairy: 30% Growth, $2B Sales

Chitale Dairy faced the challenge of scaling their legacy applications built on the LAMP stack, hindering their agility and growth potential. To capitalize on emerging market opportunities, they embarked on a transformative journey to modernize their applications and propel their business to new heights. This implementation as part of a comprehensive ‘Grass to Glass’ program that aims to digitize every aspect of the business—from feeding animals (‘grass’) to delivering dairy products to consumers (in ‘glass’).

Industry: FMCG

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Benefits Achieved

The strategic collaboration between Chitale Dairy and CloudHedge yielded exceptional results, propelling their business to unprecedented heights.

30% Market Expansion and $2B Annual Sales

By harnessing the power of containerization, Chitale Dairy achieved an impressive 30% growth in market share, coupled with a multi-billion-dollar annual sales figure.

Operational Efficiency and Cost Optimization

Streamlined CI/CD processes reduced time-to-market, enabling faster product releases and increased operational efficiency.
Containerization minimized infrastructure costs, optimizing resource utilization, and delivering cost-effective solutions.

Sustainable Transformation

Chitale Dairy’s embrace of containerization and cloud-native technologies reduced reliance on legacy infrastructure, promoting resource efficiency and sustainability.

Future-Ready Operations

Equipped with a robust foundation for future growth and innovation, Chitale Dairy is well-positioned to accelerate growth.

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