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IBM-AIX Workload Modernization to Linux for Enterprises


Containerize your IBM-AIX Workloads Today!

Modernizing legacy applications is challenging, especially when complex and outdated operating systems are involved. AIX being one of them, it is nearly impossible or time and effort consuming to modernize these age-old workloads, let alone a herculean task to re-platform them.

CloudHedge is the leader in modernizing enterprise AIX (Advanced Interactive Executive) workloads through its patented and automated containerization tools. Using CloudHedge, enterprises can now modernize their AIX workloads and re-platform them to run as Linux based containers. In addition, it further opens up the possibilities of running and operating these workloads in a variety of Cloud or Kubernetes environments, thereby leveraging the benefits of cloud and containers while reducing the cost of operations and maintenance. 

Why do you need to Containerize and Modernize AIX workloads?

  • High cost of maintenance!
  • Absence or poor availability of skilled administrators to manage AIX Servers.
  • Unsupported modern enterprise software.
  • Immediate need to reduce infrastructure/operating costs!
  • Efficiently manage applications and extract maximum potential.
  • Autoscale application workloads as and when required without relying on VMs!

Download CloudHedge’s Automated AIX Containerizing and Modernization Guide to know how and why enterprises should containerize and modernize their age-old AIX workloads. This guide also talks about the benefits that enterprises can extract and be a part of an accelerated and predictable app modernization approach.¬†

Download Containerizing and Modernizing IBM-AIX Workloads Guide