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Containerizing your Apps on Cloud and On-Premise using CloudHedge

Containerizing your Apps on Cloud and On-Premise using CloudHedge

Containers Today

We can unequivocally state that the Containerization tide is here to stay. Organizations are evaluating when they must opt for it. Whether they should consider containerization on-prem or on-cloud. The pertinent question that they must ask themselves, though, is how to do it best and stay afloat in an efficient manner in the long run. Post COVID19, the industry is adapting to new changes, and containerization of your legacy apps is one of them. 

Many times, especially in regulated industries such as Banking, financial services, and insurance (BSFI), certain compliance and security issues prompt organizations to adopt an on-premises model. While this may also be due to the inherent need to tightly control data and document processes, the significant operational costs involved in maintaining on-premises infrastructure is compelling many organizations to consider moving their workloads to cloud options such as containerization.

Containerizing Apps On-Premise

  • Full control over the host operating system and environment. 
  • Flexibility in configuring the network and storage using any version of any tool or container platform.
  • Function at a reduced OpEx since containers are lightweight.
  • Fully abide by compliance set over by governing authorities.
  • Run scalable containers on demand.

You need a fair amount of expertise in containerizing applications on an on-prem setup. There are many companies offering containerization, however, wouldn’t it be still better if it could be done in an automated way?  Enter 

Automated Containerization

CloudHedge automates container migration and conversion for legacy applications, both on-prem and in the cloud. It trims down the workload to the minimum footprint and optimizes them for a container environment – all without touching the code. Furthermore, CloudHedge transforms legacy code into a new format that can run on-prem when being used and be easily managed through open-source platforms for managing containerized workloads and services.

Time and again, CloudHedge’s tech team swiftly deploys apps through automated discovery and containerization on stringent timelines and in real-time, seamlessly. CloudHedge saves costs in migration and optimization and allows your resources to focus on other aspects such as modernization and digital transformation while being in an on-prem environment. 

Think #AutomatedContainerization, think CloudHedge!

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