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Customers Demanding New Features and Unable to Provide Quickly?

Customers Demanding New Features and Unable to Provide Quickly?

With the adoption of Agile methodology, it is expected to add new features quickly to an application or product. However, if the process of moving from Dev > Test > Stage > Prod is taking weeks or months – then you have a problem at hand (big or small, varies on the type of app/product). Customer will be demanding new features and the development team will be able to build/ create them quickly, which is a good thing! However, the real challenge is how to quickly integrate, test, sanitize, and release in a day or hours.

Another challenge at hand is how can an app/product scale at the infra when there is a surge in usage (known or unknown). How to leverage auto-scaling features of Public Cloud providers when you need to scale at a known timeline (e.g. For a payroll processing software, the number of transactions will increase fortnightly or monthly) or unknown timeline (e.g. For a weather channel, the concurrent users suddenly increase due to bad weather)?

Moving to the cloud is a logical solution and probably the only one. However, if you rehost app + infra from on-premise to Cloud – it will be an interim solution and in some cases a time-consuming affair as well. Next best option? Automate refactoring of applications/products using tools like in almost the same time to rehost an app/product. In addition, identify its cloud readiness and optimize the app at the code level over subsequent releases. Simultaneously, setup DevOps tooling and processes for efficient releases.

Let me know your thoughts, till then, you may want to check out how can automate and accelerate application migration to the cloud.

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