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De-Risk Application Modernization

De-Risk Application Modernization

There is a lot of pressure on enterprise IT to adopt cloud, and rightfully so. Most enterprises are moving toward multi-tenant, fully managed deployments, but most are seeing a careful, deliberate migration towards public cloud or hosted environments. Identifying and assessing challenges is the key point before taking any steps to modernize or migrate applications. Assuming the value of modernizing applications is in favor, a set of questions to be asked are:

  1. What is the risk?
  2. How much does it cost?
  3. Who will do it, do we have the skills?

Any CIO or senior management driving IT will explore the risk first. What are the usual methods to identify risks? Talk with the owner of the app along with its documentation (if any or updated). Protect against the risks inherent in cloud deployment by making threat resilience, scalability and disaster recovery requirements, and service-level agreements key selection criteria. There are two categories under which the risk can be assessed:

De-Risk Application

For both types of risks, enterprises leverage “Risk Management Methodology” (defining the impact and rating/scoring them). Assessing the following risks takes some time:

  • Will systems integrate with new systems/platform
  • Business continuity or service disruption
  • Scalability for both planned and unplanned spikes
  • Will existing resources be able to cope up/scale (skill gap)
  • Will we lock or dependent on one partner/vendor/platform

Is there an automated way to reduce time and capture the required details? How does one capture the behavior of an application and its processes?

CloudHedge and App Modernization

That’s where CloudHedge’s Discover X-Ray comes in! It seamlessly captures all the necessary information for arriving at a more knowledgeable decision, way before one starts the journey of modernizing apps. So, what does CloudHedge Discover provide? Here is a short video:

If you would like to know more about how CloudHedge Discover enables you to identify risks, reach out to

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