Dictionary of Modernization


"This strategy involves decommissioning the application and replacing it with a cloud-based version, typically on the AWS Marketplace. Effectively, this is a licensing change—instead of using a traditional on-premise license, you can start using the same application as a cloud service. This is a smaller effort than “lift and shift” (see below) because you are not moving anything—just starting a new license agreement in the cloud. Do you have applications like CRM, ERP, finance or HR applications that are offered in the cloud marketplace? The move to the cloud gives you an opportunity to drop these applications and switch to a cloud-based version, which may also offer an improved feature set. If you find existing applications that could benefit from the cloud but would be difficult to migrate using “lift and shift”, “drop and shop” could be a good option. It will provide a new and improved feature set, along with the inherent benefits of the cloud platform."


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