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Dockerizing an application manually

Dockerizing an application manually

Top 100 enterprises have started containerization (short form called as ‘digital’) projects. 63% of Enterprises using containers have 100 containers deployed. The projects are undertaken with the goal to utilize modern container technology. It helps in improving the time taken for the software to deliver ‘value to their customer’.

While speaking with a large Bank’s IT team, working on large Digital project, shared their challenges which were causing delays. The actual work involved was much higher than originally anticipated. Their challenges were:

– Availability of skilled developers to Containerize

– Ability to focus on ‘AS IS’ migration

The team working on containerization faced difficulties in maintaining consistency and recruiting large number of skilled developers. Skilled developers were expected to bring in best practices in containerization.

Architects on the team had created nice blueprint, however, even a minor deviation in implementation of one micro service created a compounding effect and the overall effort increased.

We, at CloudHedge, understand the critical nature and timelines of containerization project. After talking with number of companies facing similar challenges, we developed a machine learning based automated application containerization service (patent pending). This unique technology allows container based architecture adoption which is time bound. We believe the only practical way to do it is by automating parts of containerization process. It will avoid pitfalls related to manual work and individual skill levels. We believe strongly in automation of the containerization process.

In this process, CloudHedge helps companies/ software teams to provide the much needed agility using a simplified workflow of containerization, infrastructure creation, software deployment, and monitoring of production workloads.

Based on the early adopters of the technology, we strongly believe the smart machine learning based system will become the mainstream of any DevOps (part of their Digital Transformation strategy).

Automation and Dockerization / Microservicing go hand in hand, that’s the core. Right from hosting, monitoring, to now Applications. If one is looking to Dockerize an application there are tons of examples (blogs and videos) available. Tools are available to automate the launch and monitoring of the application and infrastructure. No need to manually containerize an application. CloudHedge enables automation of containerizing an application. Read more at Automating Containerization of your Applications.



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