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Easy Availability of Land Evaluation Tool on AWS During COVID19

Easy Availability of Land Evaluation Tool on AWS During COVID19

About the Client

Thite Valuers is a leading Valuation and Chartered Engineering Services in India. Thite Valuers extends its offering in evaluating fixed assets of land, building, plant, factories, vehicles, and machinery for different purposes and for different banks in India. In addition, the company also does the valuation of intellectual property rights such as patents, copyrights, trademarks, G.I., Goodwill, etc.

The Business Challenge

The client wanted to generate the valuation report of different property types like flats, offices, shops, land, building, plant, factories, vehicles, and machinery, etc. The generated valuation reports need to be present in different formats or as per the specifications set by individual banks. 

In addition, the client also wanted an easy-to-use solution for generating invoices and payments for services rendered to banks. Collating data from every valuation report was a herculean task for the client. The client also stated that multiple follow-ups for completing invoices pending from its customers was time-consuming.  

Before approaching CloudHedge, the client had partially implemented the solution on an on-premise infrastructure which wasn’t working as expected. Moreover, the client had already spent 18 months on this solution and had lost valuable time and effort.  

CloudHedge suggested modernizing the app from the on-premise infra to AWS to reduce operational costs and extract the true potential cloud (AWS) has to offer.

Coming to the time of the COVID19, the client was not able to visit the office and perform the evaluation. The business was getting affected and for it to survive in this lockdown scenario was in the doldrums.

How CloudHedge Helped? 

The technical implementation challenges were obvious to CloudHedge, it was also anticipated the challenges were mostly from the operational and technical debt perspective. 

CloudHedge started with a POC for a single bank format and property type of application for the client considering the business requirements and constraints. CloudHedge then charted a strategy to make Thite Valuers more competitive and reliable. Using the POC approach, specific component architecture was modernized to improve application performance and integration to deliver more value to the end-user. In addition, CloudHedge provided an exhaustive dashboard to ensure every generated valuation report has been monitored efficiently.

Once the POC was successful and approved, the entire application was modernized in a similar manner for other bank and property formats. As the client had already spent a good amount of time with the previous vendor, CloudHedge executed the app modernization in aggressive timelines and was able to go live in 6 months. CloudHedge leveraged AWS expertise effectively and managed the account for the client as well. 

In the wake of COVID19, it was easier for the client to work from remote locations and still access the data and perform the evaluation. All of this was possible and easy with the help of options from AWS, the team could work on multiple projects at a given time. This boosted our client’s day-to-day work even in a lockdown situation like the COVID19 pandemic. 

The Benefits

  • CloudHedge modernized the application and reduced the operating costs by 40% and project timelines from 18months to 6months.
  • CloudHedge provided its expertise and innovative ideas to drive solution reliability and performance. 
  • Efficacy of time management of the client was improved by 30% through the unique dashboard developed by CloudHedge. 
  • The client continued to perform their day-to-day business activities remotely using AWS-hosted web applications without impacting their business during the COVID19 pandemic.

CloudHedge was successful in aligning with Thite Valuers business and technical requirements, which resulted in extending the relationship to deliver the solution roadmap and implementation responsibility. 

Customer Testimonial“We are very impressed with the efficiency and dedication showcased by CloudHedge in migrating and automating our land valuation tool from paper to cloud infrastructure. The migration enabled us to cut down on valuation time by half as the process is automated. In addition, this opened up a lot of opportunities as the analyst and chartered engineers could create the valuation report according to the bank format in one go. Since the valuation process was digitized, we could save on paper and also maintain records for future purposes. This move with CloudHedge has definitely given us an edge and saved a lot of resources in creating valuation reports even during the COVID19 pandemic.”

Siddharth Thite, Dy General Manager – Thite Valuers

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