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EdTech Empowered: 25% Cost Reduction, Seamless Scalability via Cloud Containerization

Faced with high costs and outdated infrastructure, our client sought to migrate their legacy applications to the cloud. Their goals included moving their database to the cloud, implementing a continuous integration and deployment pipeline, and optimizing virtual machine management. They also aimed to scale their solution dynamically to meet increased demand during specific events or periods. While already utilizing Azure for infrastructure setup and transitioning to .Net Core for Linux deployments, the client lacked in-house expertise in Azure DevOps and .Net Core technologies. They required guidance to ensure scalable solutions and on-demand deployments.


Industry: Higher Education

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Benefits Achieved

CloudHedge Cruize played a key role in setting up the CI/CD workflow alongside Azure DevOps pipelines. This facilitated ongoing deployment of updated application releases and provided real-time monitoring capabilities. Furthermore, we assisted in creating automation pipelines for UAT and Demo environments, empowering the client to deploy specific versions on demand.
With our platform solution fully automated and integrated into existing build/release pipelines, developers could focus on coding without deployment concerns. The client experienced several advantages:

Automated Deployments

Streamlined deployments through automation, reducing reliance on highly skilled administrators.

Efficiency Boost

Accelerated process automation, including seamless integration with existing DevOps workflows.

Simplified Deployments & Unified Monitoring

Enabled easy, fast, and production-ready deployments, with simplified infrastructure monitoring through a unified UI.

Scalability Mastery

Achieved horizontal scalability to meet evolving requirements.

Swift Migration to .Net Core

Migrated to .Net Core in weeks through our semi-automated approach.

Our Solutions

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