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EdTech Marvel: 75% Infra Cost Cut & Zero Downtime Triumph

Our client, an award-winning EdTech company, was burdened with a legacy system that was not only costly but also outdated. They sought to migrate these applications to the cloud, establish a continuous integration and deployment pipeline, and manage their virtual machines more efficiently on the cloud. Moreover, the client desired an auto-scaling solution to meet increased demand during specific events. Despite using Azure for infrastructure and beginning to shift applications to .Net Core for Linux deployments, they found themselves needing expertise to create scalable solutions on these platforms.


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Benefits Achieved

Infrastructure Costs

A reduction by 75% was achieved with the introduction of containers and Kubernetes.

Environment Setup

New environments could be created in minutes rather than days, with seamless integration with existing CI/CD automation.

Maintenance & Upgrades

The cloud provider’s managed Kubernetes services allowed for zero downtime and reduced maintenance costs for platform upgrades and patching.


The application workloads could now auto-scale, reducing the time and downtime associated with manual and vertical scaling.

Monitoring & Alerting Systems

Cloud service provider monitoring and alerting systems could now be natively integrated.

Our Solutions

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