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Efficacy of CloudHedge Discover for your Application Environment

Efficacy of CloudHedge Discover for your Application Environment

Legacy Days

Applications deployed years ago may have undergone changes over the years, and there are strong possibilities of the changes not being documented or recorded. All the undocumented changes can bite back as a security breach or get NCs (non-compliance) during an audit exercise. Also, if there is a drive to modernize applications, the true picture of the application may not be documented after interviewing the right people. These applications could be on-premise or on the cloud. Applications deployed on-premise may have been carried forward during hardware refresh and hence are the right candidate for getting a true picture of the application and its environments.   

Applications deployed in the on-premise environment run slightly differently than on cloud. Most organizations have a setup which is enough for their requirements and do not need a reason to go to the cloud. And that’s perfectly fine! 

BFSI Environment and CloudHedge Discover

If you see the BFSI sector, their air-gapped environment ensures the application to perform exceptionally well while operating at peak levels. Considering the extra-sensitive information government and banking industries have to process, the level of security and privacy is a priority. However, in most scenarios, the on-premise setup turns out to be an expensive affair, and moving to cloud to reduce billing is not an option because of government regulations. In such scenarios, knowing what applications are running in the on-premise environment is the way out. And that’s exactly how you can leverage CloudHedge’s Discover tool.

Application X-Ray, a feature in the patented Discover tool scans the applications and extracts finer details in an automated manner and:

CloudHedge Discover

CloudHedge Discover is an agentless tool that can be used in cloud (AWS, GCP, Azure and ICP) or on your on-premise setup to scan Windows, Linux and AIX applications (be it as old as Windows 2003). As of now, the Discover tool is available in two flavors – a SaaS variant and a standalone appliance that can be installed in an air-gapped environment. Email us today at and assess your on-prem setup to make it run more efficiently than before. 

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