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Efficiency Unleashed: 30% Cost Savings through AI- Driven & Platform-Based Modernization

Agentz, already operating on the cloud, faced manual provisioning and maintenance challenges when setting up environments for different customers. This manual process was time-consuming and prone to human errors. Additionally, as a data-intensive company, Agentz required cost-effective infrastructure with high computing power and robust databases. They also sought to automate their cloud environment provisioning processes on demand.


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Benefits Achieved

Accelerating Infra Provisioning

Parallel deployment of services accelerated the infrastructure provisioning process, saving time, and enabling faster customer onboarding.

Optimal Performance & Error-Free Operations

AWS CloudWatch efficiently monitored the environment, ensuring optimal system performance and error-free operations.

Cost Savings through Automation

By leveraging automation, Agentz achieved major cost savings, as payments were aligned with actual consumption/usage, eliminating unnecessary expenditures.

Our Solutions

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