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Embracing the Subscription Economy

Embracing the Subscription Economy

Lately, enterprise applications are still on-premise based, however, there is a rising trend within the majority of these enterprises to move to the cloud for leveraging the on-demand pricing and scalability. In-line with this trend, we are witnessing an increased demand to move away from perpetual licensing and adopt a SaaS model.

“Globally, SaaS market revenues are projected to grow to $113.1 billion by 2021.” – Gartner

Software product vendors are cashing in on the opportunity of transitioning their enterprise apps to be SaaS ready at break-neck speeds. A subscription-based offering allows a vendor to offer on-demand scalability and flexibility to their customers.  

One of the crucial aspects of moving to a SaaS model is that it is easy and efficient to manage your application. In addition, these benefits come at a lower TCO. 

Here are a few benefits for moving to a SaaS model:

CH SaaS Model

At CloudHedge, we have been a part of many transformation journeys – from Enterprise Software to SaaS. And the journey has been smooth so far only because of our automated and patented tools like Discover, Transform and Cruize. If you are considering or have already decided to transform your product to a SaaS model, here is a deep-dive into Accelerate Your Journey from Enterprise Software to SaaS.

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