Accelerate Your Journey from Enterprise Software to SaaS

Reimagine Software Delivery

With cloud computing becoming mainstream new age products offer subscription plans based on SaaS model. Leverage CloudHedge patented tools to modernize your existing software product into a SaaS Model and grow your business multifold.

By 2020, all new entrants and 80% of historical vendors will offer subscription-based business models – Gartner

Meet your Customer Needs

CapEx to OpEx: CFO’s at Fortune 500 firms prefer OpEx over CapEx for technology investments. With a SaaS model provide your customers with the flexibility to choose their subscription.

Evergreen Updates – Zero Downtime: Customers want the latest and greatest features without incurring downtime. Transforming your software product into SaaS enables continuous delivery without downtime.

Multi-cloud: Customers already have one or more cloud providers in their environment. Supporting and managing product deployment across multiple cloud providers allows ISV’s to serve each customer requirement without investing in complex release and version matrix, common in traditional product deliveries.

Operations & Maintenance: Alleviate your customers’ pain in managing and maintaining the production environment by providing a fully managed SaaS solution.

Aptly put, an ‘amusement park’ meets the characteristics of a SaaS model!

With a successful transformation of your products to SaaS model, enterprises can achieve:


73% of organizations are looking to move almost all of their apps to SaaS by 2020 – CIO Tech Poll

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