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Exchange Soars with 99.9999% Uptime & Cost Reduction through App Modernization

Our client’s applications were built on PureApp, which was nearing its end of support. With multi-billion transactions processed daily, they required technology that was portable, scalable, and cost-effective. Additional user-demanded features and quick fixes were proving time-consuming to develop and release. Importantly, the solution needed to integrate alerting capabilities, ideally with the BMC suite. Recognizing these needs, CloudHedge suggested migrating their aging Java applications to Docker Containers to enhance scalability and reduce resource costs.


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Benefits Achieved

Enhanced Control

The IBM Cloud Platform preserved the client’s control over their proprietary systems, data, and IT environment, crucial for a financial enterprise.

Improved Scalability

Containerization on the private cloud met the heavy scalability and processing demands.

Regulatory Compliance

The private cloud solution enabled them to meet desired service levels in a heavily regulated environment.

Future-proof Solution

The embrace of DevOps and container technology promises to evolve, scale, and remain sustainable for the next 15 years.


The containerization of applications led to a noticeable reduction in operating costs and maximized the utilization of IBM Cloud features.

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