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Begin your App modernization journey now!
Simplify and accelerate app modernization with CloudHedge OmniDeq™ for enterprise applications with automated application discovery, assessment, analysis and transformation of heritage apps (Windows, Linux or AIX) into containers within days instead of months.

Discover and Plan

Take control of your entire application portfolio and associated dependencies in a simplified single view plane. Do deep application level scans for applications on cloud or on-prem, within minutes. Take early business decisions whether you need to retire, retain, re-host or refactor your application and infrastructure.

Visualize, Analyze
for Container Affinity

Get a detailed application topology, dependency
graph and deep analysis for all possible 12 factor app
principles without even needing to look at source
code. Also, get a detailed recommendation and T-
shirt sizing that allows you to smartly allocate your
budgets and focus on high impact applications.

Automate Replatform, Containerize and Rehost to any destination

OmniDeq performs undifferentiated heavy lifting in
modernization. OmniDeq™ containerizes heritage
apps quickly with a developer friendly UI. It takes
minutes and a few clicks to transform your apps in to
lean containers.

Simplified App portability and Integration with DevOps

OmniDeq™ not only containerizes modernized applications, but it also automates the creation of application runtime blueprints to make them portable. It seamlessly integrates with DevOps (Jenkins, Azure DevOps, Bamboo, and similar) pipelines for ongoing CI/ CD. The post-modernization capabilities help organizations transition smoothly into Modern app operations.

Simplify Deployment across Public /Private /Hybrid Clouds

Automated deployment of container images on cloud (private or public) of your choice, be it AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM Cloud or even on-prem or hybrid environments like VMware Tanzu, Red Hat OpenShift, or Rancher on the same day.


Today, OmniDeq™ supports a wide range of tech stacks, middleware, and databases across Linux, Windows, and AIX operating systems. The list of supported Operating System and Technology stack combinations is constantly growing with each subsequent release. Apart from supporting standalone application deployments, OmniDeq™ also supports complex clustered middleware environments to discover and containerize the applications running within such clusters.
Application modernization journey is very tedious and can be difficult to track or make progress if done manually or semi-automated way. To start with modernization is always approached as an infrastructure challenge.
CloudHedge OmniDeq™ platform accelerates and simplifies the entire lifecycle of application modernization. This includes automated discovery at an application layer, automated dependency mapping and topology generation. Once discovered, the applications can be containerized at a click of a button by leveraging the autogenerated Dockerfile for each component. Further, during deployment it enables creation of a simplified application blueprint which can do single click deployment of application to any Kubernetes target by autogenerating the YAML configurations. Thus at each stage of the modernization, OmniDeq™ introduces automation to reduce manual labour and bring consistency and reliability to the entire process.
CloudHedge OmniDeq™ Discovery is a unique solution that operates at the application layer and even beyond at the process level. This is 2 levels deeper than normal network/VM discovery solutions. Further, this discovery is performed without requesting access to source code of application or interviewing the application owners/navigating obsolete CMDB entries.
OmniDeq™ is available as a SaaS subscription as well as on-premise installed software (Enterprise Edition). The Enterprise Edition is installed within the customer’s premise and operates without access to any external services or internet. This ensures that the data and metadata never leave the organization boundary, thereby simplifying compliance with complex enterprise security guidelines.

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