Getting Started with AWS Marketplace

Launch CloudHedge Enterprise Version on AWS!

Thank you for using the CloudHedge Enterprise version from AWS Marketplace. Here is a quick guide to get started with your App Transformation journey.

## Search CloudHedge Enterprise AMI in AWS Marketplace

  • Search “CloudHedge Enterprise” in the AWS Marketplace console and select this AMI.

## Launch CloudHedge Enterprise AMI

  • After selecting AMI as mentioned above, on 2.Choose Instance Type tab select the instance type with 16GB of RAM and 4 vCPU (recommended instance type – t3a.xlarge).
  • Provide the details mentioned on 3.Configure Instance tab as per your requirements.
  • On 4. Add Storage tab CloudHedge Enterprise by default shows 75GB storage size required, you can increase the size and select Volume Type as per your requirement.

Note: You can not reduce the size, but you can increase.

  •  Add Tag keys and values on 5. Add Tags tab.
  • On 6. Configure Security Group tab create a new Security Group and allow below port numbers for incoming traffic.

Port 22 – for SSH to the server
Port 443 – for accessing the CloudHedge Enterprise application.

  • Review the configuration and click on Launch.
  • Select an existing key pair or create a new one and download.

## Steps for starting the CloudHedge Enterprise application

  • After launching the EC2 instance, SSH to it using the provided key pair.
  • Start the database service, to start db-service, run command
`sudo chctl start db-service`
  • You need to provide the private IP address and either public IP address or public DNS of the EC2 instance launched using CloudHedge Enterprise AMI, Email ID, Username and Password

To update these parameters in the environment files, run command, and wait for a few seconds.

`sudo chctl update config --public-url --private-ip --email your_email_id --username "your_username" --password your_password`


  • Provide the public DNS or the public IP address of the server on which you are setting up the CloudHedge Enterprise.
  • Provide the private IP address of the server on which you are setting up the CloudHedge Enterprise.
  • Provide your valid email address which will be used for Login Username and where you will receive notification emails.
  • Provide the username which will be displayed in the portal after login.
  • Provide the password which will be used for Login.

Example command:

`sudo chctl update config --public-url --private-ip --email --username "My Name" --password User@1234`
  • Then start the CloudHedge Enterprise application, to start the CloudHedge application, run command [Note: before starting CloudHedge application, start the db-service using above command].
`sudo chctl start cloudhedge`
  • To check the status of the CloudHedge application, run command
`sudo chctl status cloudhedge`
  • Login with below-mentioned credentials:  
    • Username: <Email address provided in chctl update config command>
    • Password: <Password provided in chctl update config command>
  • To find the CloudHedge documentation, go to Help > User guide.

## For more information, run CHCTL commands like:

  • `sudo chctl -h`
  • `sudo chctl <command_name> -h`
  • `sudo chctl setup cloudhedge -h`

## Important Notes:

  • Before starting the CloudHedge application, the database service (db-service) should be running.
  • While login, if you get error messages as “Server pool is destroyed” then stop the CloudHedge application and start again using below commands and try logging in again.
    • `sudo chctl stop cloudhedge`
    • `sudo chctl start cloudhedge`

You can reach out to us in case you need any kind of assistance with regards to using CloudHedge Enterprise application through AWS Marketplace. Email us with your queries at –