How to Modernize Applications using Automation

How to Modernize Applications using Automation

Automation and adoption of cloud (public and/or private) are the two key components for the success of Digital Transformation.

Automation has been synonymous with the agility and scalability of applications and infrastructure. DevOps ensures quick release of apps all the way from development to test to the stage to production. Cloud ensures quick allocation of resources (Compute, Memory, Storage, Network, etc.) for the applications.

Automation and cloud is mostly used for greenfield applications, which caters to 10 to 20% of the applications in an enterprise. The bigger question is how does one bring the same agility and scalability for the remaining 80 to 90% of applications. How does one modernize majority of apps, especially with a limited budget and time? We are yet to see an enterprise that has an unlimited budget and time.

Application Modernization Plan of an Enterprise

Over the years almost all enterprises have built/acquired a lot of applications:

App Modernization

And the list goes on!

With the above challenges, it is hard to map TCO and arrive at RoI. Portfolio of applications needs to be rationalized to create a modernization plan. Executing a manual approach by looking at documents and talking to the business and app users is a long drawn process. The question that comes to mind – is there an automation tool?

Enterprises need automation tool(s) for:

The next set of articles will address these points in detail. Stay tuned for my next blog…

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