IBM Cloud Pak

Automated Application Refactoring using CloudHedge and IBM Cloud Pak

IBM and CloudHedge deliver the most advanced and robust automated App Modernization solutions for enterprise IT applications.

IBM Cloud Pak for Applications is a new enterprise-ready, containerized software solution which is extensively used for modernizing existing applications and developing new and advanced cloud-native apps that run on Red Hat OpenShift. With CloudHedge, the journey accelerates to a whole new level where we infuse our patented and automated technology for enterprise clients to leverage the benefits of cloud and containers. 

CloudHedge compliments Cloud Pak on OpenShift to speed up and automate containerization of Windows, Linux and AIX based workloads within weeks. With minimal human intervention, the entire process is semi automated and the journey from legacy to cloud-native and micros-services becomes predictable and cost efficient.

“According to Gartner up to 15% of enterprise applications will run in a container environment by 2024, up from less than 5% in 2020.”

CloudHedge’s Discover, Transform and Cruize – One platform that supports varied workloads

  • Discover:  Automated application (Windows, Linux, AIX) landscape  discovery, Analysis and Cloud readiness report within minutes.
  • Transform:  Containerization beyond J2EE apps, thereby complementing IBM Cloud Pak for Applications and increasing adoption of OpenShift within days.
  • Cruize: Single click deployment (provisioning) of RedHat OpenShift Environment on AWS within minutes.

CloudHedge is both a proud IBM ISV Partner Compatible with IBM Cloud Pak and a Red Hat Technical Partner with Red Hat Container Certified tools. We have the app modernization experience and digital technology prowess to move your business forward – faster and efficiently than ever before.

IBM Cloud Pak and CloudHedge enable Enterprises to:

  • Faster time to cloud by up to 60%, for legacy application using automated containerization
  • Default ‘Always Secure First’ approach improves agility and enables self-service approach for developers which reduces overall operational/IT TCO.
  • Compliments CloudPak for OpenShift to ensure coverage of the entire IT landscape including applications developed in Java, .Net, Python, PHP, IIS, Perl, etc.
  • Packaged DevOps and adherence to standardized automation best practices helps to reduce dependency on highly skilled DevOps team(s).
  • Single control plane for application migration, deployment & managing DevSecOps pipelines

Take control and know when to refactor, replace, move, or modernize existing apps.

Why CloudHedge?

  • Intelligent application discovery. Enables informed cloud migration decisions
  • Automated Containerization Technology – Faster, reliable and cost efficient for going to cloud. 
  • Multi-OS, Multi-Cloud. Industry’s first automated containerization toolset for Linux, Windows and AIX.
  • Process Refactoring. Industry’s only automated process refactoring toolset. 
  • First of its kind. World’s first and the only platform to automate and containerize Windows 2003+ workloads. 
  • SaaS & Enterprise versions. Enterprise version or the on-premise variant allows secured operations in air-gap environments. SaaS version enables rapid provisioning
  • Extensible. Extensible Integration interfaces for monitoring and logging tools

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