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Implementation of DevOps and Transformation of a .Net Framework to .NetCore for a Banking ISV

Implementation of DevOps and Transformation of a .Net Framework to .NetCore for a Banking ISV

About the Client

The client is a leading Banking ISV catering to Banking ERP Solution & ERPs for Sugar, Dairy & Spin Mills. With a proven track record of servicing to 150+ bank and credit societies in India, the client is looking to expand and enhance their offering which caters to financial institutions in India.

The Business Challenge

The client is looking to enhance their product which caters to credit societies and co-operative banks in India. Since the client is scaling, they are facing challenges related to rolling out fixes and updates to end-customers. Also, they are using legacy technologies that are not giving them the required agility and scalability during surges. 

To elaborate, the client is facing the following problems:

  • Missing delivery dates due to efficiency and quality problems
  • Excessively long software build and test cycles caused by lack of adequate resources in the build and test environment
  • Multiple issues found by Quality Assurance (QA) or customers caused by rapid but inadequate test coverage
  • Unstable versions including integration problem which were not detected during the testing phase

CloudHedge suggested migration of .Net Framework to .NetCore and implement DevOps solutions to drive efficiency, high-quality code deployments, and scale at demand.

How CloudHedge Helped? 

CloudHedge implemented the solution for the requirement with the following approach: 

Preparations for the project:

  • The team integrated the current architecture for optimum continuous integration, continuous testing, continuous deployment and CCM (Continuous Change Management) operations
  • Performed hierarchical test execution model to automate all lifecycle test phases 
  • Gathered tools framework including Restful APIs to orchestrate all DevOps operations 
  • Initiated expert services that support a logical phased implementation plan and a smooth transition from the existing infrastructure minimizing disturbances of the existing development, test, and release process 
  • Implemented monitoring solution that provides the measures necessary for Continuous Change Management (CCM) and operational performance of the DevOps system for continuous improvements. 

Solution Implementation:

  • To streamline in the initial phases, the CloudHedge team started by putting the code on Source Code Version control which was a much-needed step. 
  • Changes required  in source code included removing system dependencies(like a hardcoded path in reference).
  • Gathered information and requirement analysis using configured source control, build systems. etc.
  • Formulated design and implementation of micro-service.
  • Performed functioning test baselining for build validation, identification of configurations, environment variables, setting up the build, and deployment pipelines and respective environments.
  • In UAT and Release, the team demonstrated the execution of the build process and deployment process, also build a promotion process. 
  • Designed and implemented microservice for document submission for bank KYC.
  • Analyzed and discovered .Net core migration report for UI as well as backend services, API migration to .Net Core is successfully done with testing.

View the project case study below:

The Benefits

CloudHedge brings following benefits with DevOps implementation-

As DevOps evolves, there will be more benefits in terms of efficiency. High-quality implementations along with more frequent code deployments will allow the ISV to provide more for its customers. 

  • Ensured faster time-to-market/delivery times that improve ROI
  • Improved collaboration between teams (Business/Dev/Ops).
  • DevOps paved the way to improve business agility by fostering a much-needed atmosphere of mutual collaboration, communication, and integration across the globally allocated teams.
  • Stable/reliable operating environments.
  • Saved 60% of OpEx, and 50% Operation Time for the client. 
  • Improved overall security by reducing vulnerabilities
  • To increase scalability, CloudHedge migrated .Net Framework to .NetCore in a semi-automated manner within weeks.

Our Solutions

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