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K-12 Education Software Streamlined: 70% Faster Modernization to Azure via Containers

The client’s applications were struggling with availability, updates, and fixes, impacting the overall user experience. The legacy infrastructure hindered agility and scalability during surges, hampering business growth. The client sought to containerize their .Net applications and achieve multi-tenancy without code changes, facilitating efficient deployments and scalability.

Industry: Higher Education

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Benefits Achieved

The collaboration between the bank and CloudHedge yielded significant benefits, driving transformation, efficiency, and sustainability

Modernization without Source Code Changes

Achieved the primary objective of modernizing applications without altering the source code, maximizing existing investments, and reducing complexity.

Zero Downtime and Maintenance Costs

Managed Kubernetes services eliminated downtime and maintenance costs associated with platform upgrades and patching.

Dramatic Reduction in Project Timeline

CloudHedge containerized and deployed the entire application within a few days, significantly reducing the project delivery timeline by 70% compared to the initial estimate.

Infrastructure Cost Reduction

Leveraging containerization, the client reduced infrastructure costs by 55% by distributing services on containers instead of increasing the number of virtual machines.

Accelerated Environment Setup

Containers spun up new environments within minutes, enabling quick scalability and reducing the time required compared to traditional processes.

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