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Leveraging the Benefits of Cloud for Media & Entertainment Industry

Leveraging the Benefits of Cloud for Media & Entertainment Industry

Viewers are streaming gigabytes of content every day than before. Their expectations of viewing endless high-quality content, anytime – anywhere and on any screen size and device is driving business for media companies. As a matter of fact, PwC anticipates revenue from the Media & Entertainment will reach an estimated $2.2 trillion by 2021. In addition, we will have 5G wireless networks in 2019 that would allow access and streaming of content at supersonic speeds across geographies.

Summing up, from the content perspective the opportunities to innovate and empower the global audience in the coming years seems endless. Cloud continues to support such numbers and drive innovation at different levels of the Media & Entertainment (M&E) industry. Moreover, by using cloud computing, M&E companies are developing new and better ways to quickly and efficiently deliver rich content to a fine-grained targeted audience, and cloud is the only way out!

Why Cloud?

As a media company, if you have apps which are legacy based and still running high bills from the on-site datacenter you might want to consider migrating to cloud. Economically it is an apt move, however, cloud provides better benefits apart from costs in the long run – it’s more from your target audience perspective. Below are some benefits associated with cloud:

Media and Entertainment Cloud Migration

Content providers like Netflix, Amazon or Spotify are all on the cloud providing tons of content to users across the globe, and they have migrated from data-center at first. With over 135+ million subscribers present over 190 countries, Netflix would be multiplying revenue every second. The Video on Demand (VOD) offering is at the forefront of the M&E industry, adding thousands of users on an everyday basis. The industry has gained enough momentum and would continue to grow tenfold when 5G wireless network would be made available.

Why CloudHedge?

CloudHedge enables M&E companies to migrate their current apps from legacy to cloud, all of this within days instead of weeks or months. Re-Factoring is a complex process, the efforts taken to perform a successful migration are more if compared to Lift&Shift, which we support as well. However, as a preferred option CloudHedge Re-Factors application by automating the Discovery, Transform and Deployment process in 1/3 of the time when compared with a manual cloud migration approach. As a matter of fact, containerizing an application helps to reduce cloud billing, makes the application portable, secure, and scalable.

Since Lift&Shift approach works on AWS, GCP, and Azure, similarly CloudHedge’s tools are cloud agnostic and can perform Re-Factoring of your app on these cloud platforms as well. Contact us today and schedule an appointment to discuss how CloudHedge can help to run efficient or transform your media and entertainment-based apps on your choice of cloud.

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