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Modernise Windows 2008 Apps, Automatically!

Modernise Windows 2008 Apps, Automatically!

With support for Windows 2008 shrinking, most enterprises are looking for options to move their apps onto newer versions of Windows (2016 or 2019). Some enterprises are okay paying through their nose for extended support, the majority cannot afford it!

Some enterprises started migrating these apps ahead of time, however, some are stuck on which option to choose (re-write or re-platform). For most Windows 2008 apps, Enterprises may not have the source code, even if they do, they may not have people who understand the code. With such challenges, enterprises are in a dilemma whether to re-code/re-write them or re-platform them.

For re-coding, there are two options:

1. Get external experts


2. Re-train existing staff or hire people and get them to work.

Both options are costly and time-consuming. Re-platform will mean deploying the application on the latest version of Windows and hope it works. As we know, almost all applications are unlikely to work.

So, is there an option for Windows 2008 to explore? Yes, CloudHedge’s two tools (Discover and Transform) will enable enterprises to automate:

  • Identification of applications (assets) within infra
  • Assessment of applications (identifies risks, if any, upfront)
  • Recommendation/Readiness for modernization (is it ready to be modernized or not)
  • Extraction of applications from a VM or bare metal
  • Containerisation of applications onto Windows certified images (2016 or 2019)

CloudHedge’s Cruize will enable deployment and monitoring of containerized applications. For more information on Cruize – click here.

The following video quickly walks you through the process listed above. Note: while the example showcases a Windows 2012 application, a similar process is used for Windows 2008 application.


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