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Modernizing AIX Workloads using CloudHedge

Modernizing AIX Workloads using CloudHedge

On a given month, we get 1/3rd of requests for modernizing AIX workloads, and that’s perfectly fine because though it’s not a widely used platform there are still thousands of businesses running their mission-critical apps on AIX. Modernizing AIX workloads is a challenging task, and the next question that comes to your mind is where do you start.

Discovering your AIX Landscape

The solution or the plan that we suggest to our clients is to start with a high-level discovery and analysis of the application landscape, that’s like taking the first step towards modernization. Using the automated CloudHedge Discover tool, enterprises can perform agentless, AI-based, secured analysis of AIX apps within hours. Based on the complexity of the application, it should not take more than a day or so to extract the CXO or Practitioners’s report consisting of finer details of the app processes.

Transform Processes into Containers

The next step is to use the automated CloudHedge Transform tool which converts the discovered app processes into containers the same day. Transform helps in re-platforming the WebSphere+AIX to WebSphere+Linux using automation. This is one of the complex and time-consuming processes in the modernization journey, however, through automation, we are on a rocket ride!

Deploy Containers in a Click

The last step in the modernization journey is to deploy the transformed containers to any Kubernetes cluster. And, the automated CloudHedge Cruize is your one-stop tool to do so without having the need for writing deployment configuration manually, it’s completely automated. 

AIX Workload Modernization

Next Steps?

To explain further or to know how we execute the end-to-end modernization process, here is an AIX Workload Modernization guide, specially designed for CXOs or decision-makers. It highlights some crucial steps that are taken into consideration by CloudHedge’s App Modernization Platform. Or you can shoot an email to with your AIX workload modernization requirements and our team would revert and simplify your journey.

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