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OmniDeq Enhances AWS Modernization Experience with GitOps & Automated Cutover

OmniDeq Enhances AWS Modernization Experience with GitOps & Automated Cutover

OmniDeq AWS Integration enhances experience for AWS modernization customers. They get simplified cutover with AWS Migration Hub Refactor Spaces and GitOps deployment with support for EKS Blueprints.

Modularizing Application Modernization and EKS Infrastructure Provisioning on AWS

OmniDeq AWS Integration with EKS Blueprints combines an integrated experience of cluster provisioning, maintenance and consistency across application workloads in various environments. OmniDeq Continuous Application Modernization Platform delivers all the benefits of modular extensibility offered by EKS Blueprints using GitOps. Customers use OmniDeq to modernize their on-prem workloads and deploy modernized (containerized) workloads. Modernizers can now use OmniDeq’s Application Blueprint to deploy applications on the provisioned EKS clusters seamlessly.

Along with this integration, OmniDeq simplifies configuration drift management and adds support for application environment promotion workflows using GitOps.

Simplify Application Cutover with Integrated OmniDeq and AWS Refactor Space Experience

OmniDeq AWS Integration with AWS Migration Hub Refactor Spaces supports the strangler-fig pattern of incremental application modernization on AWS. As the application transitions in its natural multi-step, continuous modernization from one version to another, this integration takes the risk out of the cutover process. This delivers one of the most crucial benefits by reducing service disruption risk while upgrades/updates. The approach avoids outages and ensures smooth cutover to newer feature functionality on AWS.

Read the AWS Migration Hub Refactor Spaces announcement here.

CloudHedge – AWS Modernization Competency Partner

CloudHedge is an AWS Modernization Competency Partner that specializes in continuous modernization of enterprise application workloads through its patented and automated containerization platform – OmniDeq™. OmniDeq™ is industry’s first end-to-end, intelligent Continuous Application Modernization Platform powered by R6Ai™ that enables enterprises to experience an accelerated and seamless application modernization journey.

Getting Started

The latest OmniDeq release is available on AWS Marketplace!


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