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Optimizing Cloud Cost Using Cloud Lease

Optimizing Cloud Cost Using Cloud Lease

“I want to optimize cloud costs, my monthly bills are running high and we are overshooting our budgets, I thought by migrating to cloud we would end up saving!”

Heard that before? This is the basic question from the senior management as to how can we lower the high-infrastructure cost once on the cloud. It’s a no-brainer that you do get the facilities like scalability, zero downtime, stability, security, etc. which are attached to a cost but if you are not making complete use of it then consider it as wastage of resources. If you are facing either or all the challenges below, this article is for you!

  • You are worried about cost optimization in cloud and overshooting budgets
  • You don’t want to de-focus from your core area of business
  • You have no time to learn cloud and programming
  • You don’t have certified cloud professionals

Traditional Data-centre applications, workloads are transformed and migrated to the cloud. The new-age applications being developed are by design cloud-native. With the cloud, you can access all your information over the internet without having to worry about what the infrastructure used to enable it and it’s geographical location. Usage is measured and billed transparently.

Cost – It’s one of the major factors that you considered when decided to migrate your applications and workloads to the cloud. It’s measured on Minute basis.

You moved from data center to cloud and you are already enjoying the cloud computing benefits. All well, significant reduction in IT expenses. Are you sure? Think again! Cloud consumers in most of the organizations work 8×5. Compute, the server instance runs 24×7, you are billed for every minute whether the Compute is being used or idle. Thus, there is some room to save cost further.

Question is how do you do it?

  • Instruct users to shut down the system before they log out.
  • Program a user script that will shut down the system after the user logs out.
  • Hire a cloud specialist who can write a script/function that will start and stop instance on desired times.


Use Cloud Lease, a tool integrated with CloudHedge application. Cloud Lease is easy to use, has Intuitive UI. It has an ability to Schedule Start and Stop time of instances hosted on Amazon Web Service (AWS), Microsoft Azure and, Google Cloud Platform cloud vendors. Whether you are existing cloud services consumers or your legacy workloads/applications are re-factored and migrated using CloudHedge, anyone can subscribe to CloudHedge and utilize Cloud Lease service.

Cloud Lease

As a one-time activity, register your cloud account information with CloudHedge Vault, which stores credentials in an encrypted form. The cipher used is aes-256-cbc. Cloud Lease will display all the instances created and accessible to your credentials whether they are stopped, running or terminated. You define a schedule on instance! 

Cloud Lease

Cloud Lease will ensure the instance is started and stopped as per schedule, mitigating the bill charged for idle/after office hours duration, optimizing cloud cost while you are focused on your core business. 

You may like to evaluate CloudHedge, the tools are cloud-agnostic, agile and offer various other services such as Discover & Transform, Cruize and, Integrations with various applications such as APMs – DataDog, Dynatrace, NewRelic; Pipeline Setups for Build and Deploy Processes. Reach out via and explore new ways to save on your cloud infrastructure.

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