VMWare Tanzu bound App Modernization

CloudHedge empowers enterprises to easily and quickly adapt VMWare Tanzu & MA Platform for their application workloads. Enterprises looking to scale to millions of users in their own Cloud rely on VMWare and CloudHedge can help with this transformation journey in every step. Whether you choose to migrate to Modern Apps platform in Private Cloud or Hybrid Cloud using VMWare VCF, OmniDeq can help in accelerating the modernization.

CloudHedge partners with VMware to leverage the benefits of VMWare Tanzu to Enterprises across the globe. This helps you execute their VMWare based Cloud Strategy with focus on fast innovating without affecting Business As Usual (BAU). 

Accelerated App Modernization
for VMWare

Intelligent application discovery that enables informed cloud migration decisions.
Automated containerization technology for speed, reliability and cost efficiency.
Multi-OS, multi-cloud with a containerization toolset for Linux, Windows and AIX.
SaaS and Enterprise versions.
Extensible Integrations for Continuous Integration (CI), Deployment (CD) and Monitoring (CM) tools
One platform that supports varied workloads, platforms and infrastructures.

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