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As businesses work to modernize their IT infrastructure and complete transformational projects, a set of new security challenges and concerns also arise. CloudHedge and Polyverse bring an integrated solution that provides continuous protection against added risk as businesses complete their transformation projects.

OmniDeq accelerates the transformation of legacy enterprise applications to containerized cloud-optimized form. With the addition of Polyverse’s Polymorphing for Linux solution during the transformation step, the security posture of the application during containerization improves significantly.


OmniDeq integrates into many DevSecOps tools using its command line interface. The Integration helps in automating the discovery, transformation and ongoing operations of applications. OmniDeq in combination with DevSecOps tools provide the ability to standardize application deployments using application blueprints. The integration also enables collaboration with different processes in the software development lifecycle to help deliver better, secure software faster.


OmniDeq integrates with GIT repositories like GitHub/GitLab, etc. in order to record important artifacts. The tracking of these artifacts also helps in troubleshooting potential issues during operations of modernized applications.


OmniDeq can be deployed on any Kubernetes distro a Kubernetes operator. This integration is certified to ensure that the OmniDeq capabilities are deployed in the secure environment. That helps in conducting the entire application modernization lifecycle within the customer network & all the metadata collected by OmniDeq stays inside the network. OmniDeq also integrates with Standard Container registry for creating and deploying containers on deployment targets like VMWare Tanzu, AKS, EKS, GKE and OpenShift clusters.


One of the components of the Platform integration enables continuous deployment for the infrastructure and workloads is GitOps. GitOps integration  enables to use a single repository that represents the source of truth (design/blueprint) across many clusters with proper provisioning and reconciliation. This is especially critical for AWS customers who use EKS and Application Blueprints.

Monitoring Tools

One of the key technologies that modernization customers want to integrate with their deployment targets is monitoring tools. OmniDeq enables monitoring tools integration like Prometheus, Datadog, etc. so that it allows monitoring of applications that are deployed. It’s extremely important for customers to make it smooth to transition their existing operational toolset while modernizing their heritage software assets.

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